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Community Impact

Improving mobility and building a better community means working together. The Harris County Toll Road Authority is dedicated to completing this transportation project while taking into consideration the surrounding neighborhood. Whenever possible, measures will be taken to minimize impacts of the project on the community.

Downtown Houston Skyline

  Upcoming Meeting:

  No meetings currently scheduled

  Past Public Meetings:

  Monday, June 17, 2019, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  Sherman Elementary School 1909 McKee St.

  September 29, 2016: Ryan Professional Development Center
  4001 HardySt.

  November 9, 2007: Greater Northside Management District,
  218 Joyce St.

  September 15, 2007: Ryon Civic Association
  Ryon Civic Center, 4501 Elysian St.



Although landscaping for the Hardy Toll Road Downtown Connector is still being determined, it will be in line with the Texas Department of Transportation's "Green Ribbon Corridor Aesthetic and Landscaping Masterplan."

The goal of the Green Ribbon Masterplan is to have trees, shrubs and grasses planted along all roadways, if possible, for both beauty and increased safety. The Green Ribbon Masterplan emphasizes plants that are native to Texas, or have become adapted to growing here, in order to reduce maintenance. Existing trees within the construction zone are preserved when possible.


As part of the project, over two dozen acres of land have been acquired for the purpose of storm water detention. Additional property may be purchased if needed. HCTRA will be building detention ponds and basins and installing storm lines so that the Hardy Connector does not impact existing drainage.


HCTRA will abide by Federal Highway Administration guidelines for addressing the noise prior to construction of the toll lanes. A preliminary noise analysis was performed for the project and a final noise study will be conducted.


HCTRA has worked with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 2009 to develop a safe plan for any construction taking place in the vicinity of a Superfund Site. Although no impact to the community is expected from construction at these sites, and to ensure the safety and health of workers, residents, and the general public in the area, HCTRA has hired an environmental firm to monitor air quality and oversee management of materials at these specific locations.