About the Project

Collingsworth Overpass

The Harris County Toll Road Authority’s (HCTRA) Collingsworth Grade Separation Project (Project) replaced the current 4-lane Collingsworth Street with a 4-lane overpass over the Houston Belt & Terminal (HB&T) and Union Pacific Railroads. The overpass, located between Jensen Drive and Maury Street, is approximately three miles north of downtown Houston. Construction began in October 2016 on the Collingsworth Grade Separation, which will allow traffic to flow unobstructed over multiple railroad track crossings improving safety and mobility of through traffic and emergency vehicle access in the area, and will re-connect the neighborhood. The Collingsworth Grade Separation construction project was completed in September 2018.

As part of the Collingsworth project, HCTRA is also constructing an 11-acre-foot detention pond facility in order to mitigate any potential impacts from the improvements to Collingsworth. The pond is located south of Collingsworth Street between the existing HB&T rail line and Maury Street.