Building the Hardy Toll Road Connector will require the following construction activities:

Hardy Connector Schedule

The Lorraine underpass began construction in February 2019 and the Quitman overpass will follow. The construction of the Hardy Connector toll lanes is scheduled to begin 2021.

Project Updates:

June 2003:HCTRA and Houston Belt & Terminal railroad (HB&T) signed a Purchase and Sales Agreement that enabled the County to move the project forward.
August 2006:The Texas Department of Transportation approved HCTRA’s plans for the connection to US 59.
September 2007:HCTRA public meeting held at Ryon Civic Association
November 2007:HCTRA public meeting held at Greater Northside Management District
Early 2008:The City of Houston signed a street closure and abandonment agreement, which allowed HB&T to move forward with the railroad track relocation - essential to making the project a reality.
2001-2011:Negotiations between HCTRA and HB&T continued.
2011:City of Houston provided approval to remove at-grade crossings at Lorraine, Collingsworth and Quitman.
June 2012:Harris County Commissioners Court approved an agreement allowing relocation of the HB&T rail lines.
September 2014:Relocation of the rail was complete.
October 2016:HCTRA Community Open House held at Ryan Development Center.
October 2016:HCTRA began construction of Collingsworth grade separation.
September 2018:HCTRA completed construction of Collingsworth grade separation.
February 2019:HCTRA began construction of the Lorraine underpass grade separation.
June 2019:HCTRA public meeting held at Sherman Elementary School
May 2020:HCTRA received authorization from Commissioners Court to suspend development of Phase II to allow for reevaluation of any proposed project within the corridor.